your eyes are my escape <3

C2) Gerda survived the march while so many others didn’t because she was a determined, hopefully girl. She was too young to die and she knew she could make it through the war and the suffering. SO she had more determination than the others to live. As her friends were losing hope thinking they won’t be able to make it through she kept on believing. As Suse said in on passage in the story, “how can you believe so strongly?” “But yet you always believed.” Throughout all the suffering and pain she went through with her journey and the entire thing was just a big experience she will never get over she became free. Free from the soldiers. Free from the commands and the orders of the German. She was free because of one thing she believed. When you don’t believe the war will break you down and make you lose all hope in having the feeling of freedom. You just forget everything no matter what happens you want it to be over no matter how you have to go. But Gerda wasn’t like that and that is why she survived!

D) If I was suddenly uprooted and taken away I would want to take my cell phone with me. My cell phone is my life pretty much. It has a note pad on it so I write a lot and save files on it so its like a portable journal. It also has all my pictures of friends and family and the ones I love. I have to have those pictures they mean so much to me. My phone also has music of all kinds that I like. I love all the applications on my phone and everything I can do on it. It is the one accessory I need at all times and I have it as long as I can most of the time so it would be hard to separate me from it any way. With all the stuff on my phone it helps me remember the good times and memories and if I was uprooted so it would be important if I have it.

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